If you asked a senior developer to tell you the difference between software engineering and web engineering, you would probably get several answers. So, here’s the technical definition of both before we expand on their differences.

A software engineer also known as a software developer is one who applies the principles and techniques of computer science, mathematical analysis in the design, development, testing as well as the evaluation of the software and systems that enable computers to achieve their many applications.

yahoo-446971_640On the other hand web engineering is the scientific discipline that involves the study of the theory and practice of building web based applications, design and systems. This encompasses the theoretical principles and systematic, quantifiable and discipline approaches geared towards cost-effective development and the evolution of high end ubiquitous usable web based applications and systems. It majorly concerns the technology that powers the construction of Web applications.  Here is an example website.

Software engineers are usually associated with the design and development of various types of software, this may include software used to power operating systems and network distribution. When it comes to programming and coding, software engineers are said to instruct a computer, line by line, on how to perform a specific function. Therefore, software engineers need to possess a deep strength in programming skills. However, most of them are mainly concerned with algorithm development, analyzing and solving programming problems than writing of code. Generally, software engineers working on system development or application, first analyze the needs of the user. They then design, build, test and maintain computer applications systems or software to fulfill these needs.

Web engineering, while it is rooted in the field of Computer Science and engineering, it draws from a diverse range of other disciplines, such as information systems, management and business, computer science and others. Web engineering therefore comprises of:

  • Web application tools and environment
  • The model based design and development
  • Web application usability
  • Web application deployment
  • Human computer interaction and user modeling
  • Component web based application development
  • Web evaluation ,validation and verification
  • Testing automation and tools for web applications.
  • Service oriented web application methods
  • Implementation of architectures
  • Web design patterns
  • The application of semantic web technology in the web applications

In Conclusion

Although both Web engineering and software engineering follow a similar discipline approach to develop, deploy and maintain the applications; the basic difference is that the requirement of web projects is different from software projects.