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5 New Technology Tools for Nurses

Today, modern technology rules the world. We see how important the technology in different aspects of our lives. Whether it is our computers, machines, or mobile phones, technology indeed has come a long way. But the question is how technology relates in the nursing world. Is it really vital for nurses?  If you are looking on how to become a CNA, then you need technology in your corner.


The world of technology is overflowing with tools designed to make physicians’ lives easier and at the same time improve patient care. From remote monitoring devices to electronic health records, physicians today can rationalize the process of managing patients by simply procuring the right software programs and gadgets.

Most Common and Helpful Items For Nurses in Their Pockets

  • Tapes and bandage scissors
  • Markers and pens for labelling
  • Mps for caps that need some grip or to crush pills
  • Sticky notes, notepads and highlighters
  • Peppermint oil or cough drops to mask unpleasant odors

Where Technology Comes In  

Advances in technology have radically changed the way nurses steer their days. Obviously, Smartphones make it easy to call other sections or departments, they also enhance efficiency in sending and receiving emails, paging physicians and retrieving information on different healthcare issues. In addition, they are used to help educate families and patients, or even to redirect children’s attention with games. Nurses depend a lot more on technology than they did before. Automatic BP machines, digital thermometers, immediate bedside blood glucose, automatic electrolyte testing, computers on wheels, smart IV pumps, and so on. The list gets longer daily as the advancement increase. Computers have relieved the burden paperwork, allowing ease of the recording data, as passing medications and documenting can now be handled electronically. Computers enable nurses to record patient information securely and safely and access the most current information available, and technology isn’t just making patient information more protected, it also saves nurses time, which can allow for more patient interaction.

Nursing Tech Types

The technology encountered by the nurses falls into 2 broad categories: clinical and information systems and the second one are smart medical devices, often integrated with computer screens and chips. Specific technologies include:

  • Drug Retrieval and Delivery Systems: These technologies, including automated dispensing machines and bar codes ensure patients receive the correct medications, as well as dosages.
  • Clinical Information Systems: These bring organization’s lab results, patient records, pharmaceutical data, medical research resources and other needed information, providing nurses with PC-based tools to assist them input and retrieve information.
  • Electronic Health Records: In this format, patient records can provide instant access to patient’s medical history, offer alerts to prevent conflicts over prescriptions and develop good communication between colleagues.
  • Wall-Mounted PCs, Mobile Carts and Tablet Computers: These computer-based tools enable nurses to input and retrieve information in a facility’s information system without leaving the bedside.
  • Medical Devices: Devices like ventilators and infusion delivery systems often have brains built into them. These electronic brains can assist nurses by helping to avoid errors and flagging problems.
  • Personal Digital Assistants: These can help check medication doses and research conditions.

Because of technology, CNA’s are now exposed to more methods in learning different procedures. Nursing is not just about taking care of the patients, but do the job efficiently and effectively through technology to help the lives of patients. Technology is the answer to a bright future for the nursing industry.

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