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Is it Too Soon for Self-Driving Cars?

Eating, texting, reading at the wheel? Oh my…

Many new innovations are under development in the vehicle department. Among them are augmented reality dashboards, energy-storing body panels and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. But what’s really generating buzz is the creation of self-driving cars. If you live in the northeast, make sure you get the right car insurance in NJ to keep you covered. ¬†Imagine being able to eat, text, read a book and watch movies on your car screen as you’re on the road while your vehicle does everything else. However, questions are being raised regarding the technology. And while tech people may be ready for such a development, what about those upholding the law?

We blame Google

Google engineers were one of the first to introduce these cars to the public. They’ve already tested these cars in various public roads and highways. The cars Google designed will be equipped with cameras, lasers and radars that allow them to record images of the road, read traffic signs, identify pedestrians and look for alternative routes passengers can take to get to their destination – information that can all be analyzed from the detected surroundings. Possible advantages would be allowing car owners to steer clear of traffic and get to their desired location faster.


In the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, Delphi Automotive PLP even picture autonomous driving lanes in the future, where vehicles would enter those lanes and travel in autopilot. People are already working on technology that not only keeps vehicles in these lanes, but is said to also match the speed in which these cars run. It seems like a good idea – cars moving in one unit. The idea is likely to prevent cars from speeding, ergo preventing accidents, injuries and even deaths. According to a law firm in Portland, only four states currently allow the testing of these driveless car – California, Nevada, Florida and Michigan.

“I got this”

What’s more, describes an article in The Columbus Dispatch, is that “while in the autonomous lane, the car’s window glass frosts up, and function that had been disabled for the driving – like playing video games from a mini projector – turn on. The driver can pursue other activities such as surfing the web or even taking a nap. When the driver’s exit nears, the car gets increasingly persistent, demanding that the driver take back control. First the video player stops. Then a female voice intones, ‘Place both hands on the steering wheel and look ahead in the driving direction.’

As far-fetched as this concept may seem, it seems it will be made into a reality in the not so distant future. So, what do you think? Will this idea sink or swim? Have your say in the comments below.

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