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SalesForce: New Lead Management Technology

Managing new leads and providing customer service to existing clients are two of the most time consuming and challenging aspects of being in business. By using the latest advancements in technology, entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals such as lawyers, insurance agents and accountants can effectively manage both areas.

Apps for iPads and iPhones

Apps that use this type of CRM technology offer several benefits for professionals who are constantly on the go and trying to effectively manage their business. These include:

  • Organizes leads
  • Sorts and categorizes leads
  • Identifies potential leads and prioritize them
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves customer service

Apps are designed to enhance marketing strategies as well as improve the level of customer service a business provides to their clients.


When it comes to marketing, converting leads into bona fide customers is the key to success. SalesForce uses both CRM technology and cloud computing resources to turn a curious person into a satisfied customer. Apps allow business professionals to respond in real time to possible leads. This shows the potential customer that their time is valuable and the person on the receiving end is willing to take the time to respond quickly.

Customer Service

Marketing apps that track and monitor leads also give the business person the ability to respond while the customers’ interest is at its peak. Keeping them interested entails a fast response and the willingness to provide the information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Striking while their questions are fresh in their mind gives them the impression that the business is ready to serve at a moment’s notice, not just when it is convenient for them. Cloud storage devices help to maintain active and ongoing lists of repeat customers. They also record which companies provide the most referrals.

By using resources stored within the cloud, the business can provide customers with information concerning past purchases, discontinued products and a host of other types of information. Apps put an abundance of information in the hands of the user even when they are away from the desk or out of the office.

CRM Technology and Tools

Apps from SalesForce help business professionals monitor where the new leads come from, how many of them are consistently turned into viable transactions and what types of advertising and marketing strategies produce the most leads. They can determine which leads should be a priority and which ones aren’t. With the use of cloud storage programs that save information generated through the mobile apps, data can be retrieved from almost any type of device that has downloaded the needed software.

SalesForce1 Platforms can be used to create personalized apps that will provide the type of tools needed by each company. For companies who must track hundreds of possible leads a day, CRM technology provides apps that will collect the information, sort it, categorize it and distribute the leads to the right person within the company. Apps can be created to undertake almost any task a business professional requires.

Technology has the ability to give each business an advantage. Business owners don’t need an IT degree to enjoy the benefits of using apps and CRM tools. All they have to do is determine what type of tools they need and let the professionals do the rest. SalesForce puts the ability to effectively manage leads, customer service and information distribution in the palm of a person’s hand. With these easy to use apps and tools, a professional can turn their company into a successful, well-managed business.

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