Advancing Technologies in Grass Seed

greenview-grass-seedJust like any other plants, grass has its own seeds. Grass seeds are planted in a piece of bare land such as lawn, garden, pasture and reclamation area in order to make it naturally beautiful. In addition, it gives some benefits both to humans and the environment.

However, in order to make any piece of land a real beauty, one should determine the kind of grass that can grow within a particular area. Depending on your location, climate and yard condition, you can find a grass seed that is easy grow and maintain for less effort. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find grass seeds that are perfect either for warm or cold season.

Benefits of Growing Grass

Just like fruit bearing trees and flowering plants, grass has several advantages to humans.  There are times when we tend to ignore the grass because of the thinking that it’s not much of help to us.  Many people believe that grasses are only clutter and should be removed from the garden or lawn. Little did they know that it performs some roles that can benefit people.

  1. BeautificationA bare piece of land only becomes attractive when decorated with trees, flowers and grasses.  With the help of grass seeds, any idle land can be turned into a nice garden or lawn in just a short time.  Combined with proper trimming, preparation and after care, any kind of grass can give a natural beauty.
  2. Soil Erosion Just like trees, grasses also help the environment by controlling excessive water from the ground.  Grasses have roots and this is the reason why they can help in holding up the soil to prevent it from eroding and from damaging some plants.

Technological Advances for Grass Seeds

grass seed

So that grass seeds can provide more benefits to people and the environment, there are a few innovations and advancements developed that are now made available.

  1. Drought resistant – Water may not be present in all households. In some African countries, drought is a common scenario, but this should not limit people from using grass for various purposes – commercial or for the beautification. Given this, there are several types, which can live with less water or even midst drought and these are the Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Zoysia and Fescues.
  2. Fast growing – The process of landscaping a piece of land takes a while. To ease up the burden, use grass seeds that can grow easily. In as fast as 14 days, you can already see a garden with luscious greens and this is because of technology.
  3. Sturdy breeding – Just like what botanists do with flowers and plants, grasses can also be cultivated.  Different kinds of grasses are tested and put together in order to come up with a good breed that is sturdy and multiplies easily. Aside from having a unique grass seed quality, breeding is also done for commercial purposes. In fact, the availability of different grass species is a great advantage for businessmen.

Disease-resistant – Aside from low maintenance, it is also important that grass type chosen is disease-resistant.  When the grass can’t be easily attacked by insects and pests, it is considered as one of a kind. In addition to its attractive appearance, the grass should also be free from insects and various diseases that can kill it after sometime.

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New Technologies Emerging in Bakeries

New French Bakery’s Innovative Approach to Producing Loaf

FreshlocIf ever you’re in Minneapolis, try to stop by New French Bakery, a bread company that offers high quality French, Italian and German goods. “Our breads match the quality of a small corner bakery in Vienna or Berlin,” says General Manager Imme Fernandez. But what makes this bakery a cut above the rest is the fact that they are able to produce 5,000 loaves of bread every couple of hours - thanks to a new technology.

Their facility is filled with high-tech machinery and by using wireless sensors that monitor time and temperature, they have found a way to meet production demands and still turn out quality products. For anyone starting a bakery, you might want to pay these guys a visit to get a glimpse of where the bakery industry is heading.

New French Bakery believes that smart technology can give them an advantage in the food industry. Business grew rapidly, and so they had to come up with a way to keep up with demand. Moreover, they had to submit themselves to accreditation and quality control programs to prove standardization. In their website, they said “we had to come up with a savvy way to meet this rising demand without sacrificing our quality and taste. We knew technology had to be part of the solution. A big part. So our founder Peter Kelsey worked hand-in-hand with the best European manufacturers to customize equipment to perform as extensions of a baker’s hands. Today, our technology is so ingenious and “hand-like” – the bread doesn’t even know the difference. Yet, we still remain true to our Artisan techniques – taking time with the bread and using only all-natural ingredients.”

The company also sought help from FreshLoc Technologies for one of its facility’s more unique features – RFID sensors. These wireless sensors gather information on time and temperature from within the facility and continuously transmit them to a secure system.

Who is Freshloc you might ask?

What this does is tell employees when a certain area in the bakery becomes too warm or too cold. Responsible employees can then make adjustments to remedy room conditions. This is especially important because time and temperature greatly impacts food quality and safety.

Of the network of sensors, Fernandez says “the hardware is easy to install, the software is easy to install, and it’s easy to teach new users,” a big part of why the management chose such technology to use in their facility. And not only are FreshLoc sensors useful in preserving the quality of their baked goods, but they also use during routine cleaning of flour silos and the monitoring of their temporary cold storage spaces.

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